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Oct 25 2012, 05:36 PM
Oct 25 2012, 05:20 PM
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Oct 25 2012, 04:17 PM

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I don't think Bryan cares personally who he's paired with but I don't think he's against Lumi either. He's the only one of the pairing that tweets about Lumi scenes and cares about Lumi fans. He acknowledges us all the time and gives us hope. Just the other day he tweeted "Lumi will live forever" after watching a video a fan sent him. He knows how much his fans love him and AS together so that's why he promotes Lumi when he can even if it's not the story. Not saying if he gets another pairing, he wouldn't promote it too. But given Lumi's 20 year history and how much the majority of his fans love his chemistry with AS, I think he will care about the Lumi pairing and Lumi fans for those reasons alone.

But yes as far as this article, BD was simply saying how Lucas feels. What's wrong with Lucas being true in his heart to the woman he loves? Someone has to be not be fickle here, lol.
i know BD is not anti lumi bryan is more lumi fan than alison now that for sure

but he is every open to new pairings more than ever so someone said he being pathetic

becuase he is hoping to pair with sami again does not what he talking about it

bryan was very honest for years is all in for another pairing for lucas becuase it will better for his as actor and you know what so do i

I'm sure BD would welcome a new pairing if he was given the chance. I just think he's always going to encourage and support the Lumi fanbase as well because he knows they are his biggest fans. Many Lucas fans called for Autumn to be cast and BD has joked about her too but he still tweets about Lumi anyway even if they're not paired together. I haven't seen him say something like "Bring Autumn on for Lucas" even though fans tweet him stuff like that all the time, lol. Instead he promotes even the tiniest Lumi scene, case in point the "Lumi magic" scene this week. It was nothing but it was Lumi interacting and BD tweeted about it back in July. He knows what excites his fanbase so he promotes Lumi for their sake. He doesn't have to but he does anyway and that shows he cares about his fans.
most of fans that broght bryan back more the once the were lumi fans

from that alone he's always going to encourage and support the Lumi fanbase

bryan known to very honest and not phony to his fans the entire time in 2009 i knew lumi is not going to happen because bryan was very honest about it

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