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Thanks Bryan for keeping the Lumi faith and Lumi hope alive and well in the article hes hoping soon Lumi will be reunited once more for good this time and the Lumi lovestory will return once more with more love and romance then before along with a wedding that gets to stick for good this time and gets to do just just with a really awesome honeymoon to match as well where they finally are able to celebrate many wedding anniversaries together in the near future and finally are able to move into a house together and have many adventures together in the near future.

This is my most favorite part of the of what Bryan quoted Lucas Loves Sami and he would drop everything hes doing to be with her again thats really adorable and sweet as well now that love right their true love right their that Lucas loves Sami and will never stop loving Sami and truly loves her very much aww.

Thanks Kenny for posting this article for us for we all truly appreciate it for you truly rock.

I hoping this time around instead of Lucas doing the chasing that Sami winds up doing the chasing this time around and doesn't stop doing so.
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