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Sammie Jo
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Oct 25 2012, 05:21 PM
Sammie Jo
Oct 25 2012, 05:03 PM
Oct 25 2012, 01:42 PM
The point is she responding and if some don't like it then O'Well....AGAIN I repeat her FANS started this not her and she let them know recent outcome of the talks ....So what's the problem? Because VR didn't come with some feathery remarks about what happen? HA! I know one thing when one has to speak truth to power especially regarding blatant racism it ain't never PRETTY.!
I cannot believe you threw the race card in there.
If there were no black people on the show at all, I might agree with that, but there are!
VR is a troublemaker, every so often she starts tweeting that she might be coming back, it never happens because it never was going to happen, the woman is delusional and it has zero to do with what race she is.
I didn't "Throw" anything but the truth the "Race Card" ain't mine to throw just because black folk are on the show doesn't mean it wasn't an obvious factor of VR fallout hell just a year ago look at what happen to KSJ when he spoke out regarding writing his ass was OFF screen so regardless of what you THINK I pulled the real fact is she had not tweeted about a come back until the FIRING OF MAB my Twitter TimeLine was saturated w/ "VR We Want Dru Back" now here it is weeks later apparently "PTP talks occurred she let the people no what was up afterward & soon as she was done with those tweets Rhi listed VR went on about her way posted her philanthropy work and was later meeting up w/her daughter at the airport I say that to say if it was a tweet festival begging for her job back then it would have went on`ON for a matter of days as she did the day of joining twitter a few years ago when she really did want the job back.
no, she said something about coming back about a year ago and then about a year or so before that.
MTS got "punished" too for something or other that happened.
VR left with bad blood twice, from the reports I read.
As far as KSJ, well, he was badmouthing the show, that's what happens when you badmouth the boss, did anyone else do that and get away with it?
I'm not going to argue with you about it because obviously you see things differently, but I think VR is about 4 short of a 6 pack and if it was me, I would just move on and remember that Living well is the best revenge, because if she keeps it up, she'll never get work again, she'll have a rep of a troublemaker.
Wrong as it is, show biz is a kiss ass biz, you piss off the wrong people and it's curtains for you.
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