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Viewing Single Post From: Bryan Dattillo on Days 'Gay' Story
Helpless Romantic

Oct 26 2012, 09:26 AM
:offs: Lucas standing in the background, secretly in love with Sami while she bounces from man to man. Um, are we sure Ali's not writing this shit? Yes, Sami has always been Lucas' great love, but Lucas was always Sami's one true love, that is until Rafe came along. :facepalm:
Rafe was never the problem After EJ came on Lucas was thrown under the bus for him and now Rafe is for EJ. At this point Sami's "great love" is herself. I don't think in her state that she truly loves any of them. Before the hate boink I would have said Sami would NEVER cheat on the man she loves but she is so far off from being the faithful loving girl to her man, which is what I admired most about her, her loyalty to one nan but pleasing everyone has ruined her. Especially the affiliation with Elvis. Sami has REALLY messed up her relationships with both Rafe and Lucas and say what you will about Rafe but until the hack writing he stayed true loved her and fought for her tooth and nail. The thing that really burns me is she forgave EJ for all his crap that he put her through without blinking but she can't Rafe for one lie? That she knew about and had he explained in detail would not have listened to. Then Lucas they constantly have her bring up their past but EJ's dispicable shit is swept under the rug?!! GMAFB!
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