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Oct 26 2012, 07:41 PM
:puke: :puke: Other than wanting to puke, my only other observations are that Jennifer looks old and haggard and Daniel looks like a dirty bum with a brillo pad on his head. Wow, what a pair! :rolleyes:

lmfao :laugh: :lol:

I fucking hate this show. Have I said that lately? I really, deeply, truly utterly fucking hate this show. Dannifer can piss off. And they have to be the two most unattractive people on this show. Jenn looks like she's 60 and Dan is some guy she picked up cleaning her windshield while she waited for the light to change. I never really hated Dan as much as I despise a few other characters *cough*rafeandsami*cough*, but this promo makes him look like he smells really bad and you probably wouldn't want him to sit on your couch

Omg I'm dying :laugh: :roflol:
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