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I'm Team Joanna, though I hate Karent. But I hate Adriana even more. She is the most immature, obnoxious, grating Housewife of them all, maybe of any series. I agree that Karent doesn't know how to behave socially, but Adriana certainly isn't the one who should be giving a lecture on it.

I LOVE Lea- I don't know why, but I think she and I would get along famously IRL, again, probably moreso than any housewife on any series. Marysol I can't stand one minute, and love the next. I about DIED when she and Joe Francis cut off Lisa's "The moral of the story is..." line immediately with "Don't say anything around Karent" (Marysol) and "Stay away from Karent, she's the devil" (Joe Francis). HILARIOUS! Throw in her calling Karent "the carrier pigeon" and calling Lea over (in her feathers) when Karent was berating her about the wearing fur and Marysol was the official comic relief tonight, which was a nice break from her usual wimpy victim self. I actually think Joanna set Karent up for the fur conversation though- she had to know Karent would go running over there after she had that dramatic reaction to the Marysol's outfit. Marta was clearly rolling on ecstacy at this party- it's painfully obvious. I think she was in the Mynt episode as well. Her cracking up when Joanna was talking about Joe Francis was PRICELESS! IMO, she was laughing because she knows they both slept with him and probably were both high end escorts in LA.

Speaking of Joe Francis and setups, Karent CLEARLY set his ass (and to a lesser degree Joanna's ass) up. All he said was he dated both of them, SHE was the one who asked if he slept with both of them too. Karent is a lot of things, but she's not dumb. She had to know Joe was going to say yes whether it was true or not. No sooner did he say that she was dragging him over to Joanna and telling her what he just said. She failed to mention that she was the one who instigated it. I wonder how Joanna is going to feel about Karent after seeing that last night. I wonder if she's bright enough to see through what Karent was doing.

I really like Alexia and feel for her. I understood her going off on Karent at the party- her nerves are frayed from what's going on in her home life as it is so she has zero patience for Karent's boorishness. Yes, she got more than a little extreme with her at the party, but I get it. If a mere acquaintance who'd never even met my son threw "Didn't I pray for your son and reach out to you?" in my face at MY company's party, bitch would be done.

I like Ana a lot also, though her relationship with her ex is a little off, as is her strange obsession with Rudolfo. Are these women dumb or stupid? Karent is a beard (and doesn't know it)- Rudolfo's gay as all hell. He totally pings for me and that weird tongue thing he did with Karent SCREAMED closeted gay and his beard. He's actually probably running around town with men and letting them all think it's women he's cheating with.

But the biggest surprise for me this season has been Lisa. I thought she was going to be a trashy ho pretending to be a society maven. Man, was I wrong. She is easily the most real of the bunch, clearly knows herself the best, and behaves the classiest. She's another one I think I could be BFFs with IRL.

Besides the main cast and the fresh dynamics between them, there are a couple other things that add SO much to this show and appeal to me as a soap fan. First, they EASILY have the largest supporting cast of any Real Housewives series. You've got Mama Elsa, Romain, Ejames Lancaster, Marta Krupa, Rudolfo, that OTT Thomas Capano, RJ (Lea's awkward kid), Frankie, Ana's daughters, Alexander (don't like him- Adriana's boyfriend), and now BB6 Beau Beau and Joe Francis have been added to the cast. It's like watching an ensemble soap. In fact, the soaps should be taking notes on how to weave in an ensemble cast because everyone I mentioned is in almost every episode and I feel like I know them all and have kept up with all of them. It's a far more developed supporting cast than any other Housewives franchise and it adds so much to the show.

The other thing I LOVE is how it's SO Miami. Everything from the scoring, the locations (which have been literally all over town), the colors, the clothes, the night life- it SCREAMS Miami. They capture the city far better than NYC, Atlanta, and Beverly Hills. (OC and NJ I'd consider more suburban- one is Knots Landing, the other The Brothers and Sisters Soprano) Plus, the mansions are serious money- Lisa's is especially gorge, with that beautiful Spanish influenced architecture. Plus you have Lea's posh mansion, Adriana's and Alexia's on the water, Ana's suburban household, and Romain & Joanna's typical South Beach million dollar high rise apartment- each type of home/lifestyle is represented. I love the city of Miami and I feel like I'm actually there every time I watch.

I hope the ratings spike this week for this drama-filled 2 part event and start trending up for the rest of the season because they deserve it. Andy Cohen seems to love it so I hope that BRAVO brings it back regardless. Really, what's hurting it is it's airing along with 2 other very popular series- 1st NYC and NJ, and now ATL and BH and it's not easy to keep up with 3 of these shows at once (I do just fine- I can't get enough, but everyone's not me). I'm hoping that since Miami is standing alone this week and is hitting its first dramatic peak of the season that it will get a boost.
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