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Viewing Single Post From: TV Guide: Will and Sonny Finally Have Sex (video preview)

Oct 27 2012, 07:09 AM

That is the embedded video from the TVGuide article.

It can be watched by anyone FROM the embedding but ...

It is located at URL:

Well now the stand-alone youtube URL has been blocked with a message saying

"Days of Our Lives' Sonny and Will Get Intimate
Sign in to view this video
This content may contain material flagged by YouTube's user community
that may be inappropriate for some users.
To view this video, please confirm you are old enough by signing in

This makes it hard to share the video with others.

Good grief.

I don't have a google/youtube account.

Can somebody who knows how the YT commenting system works, please inform the google/youtubePowersThatBe that this is a brief preview clip of tender loving that shows very little, and is intended for network TV in the afternoon!

Yeah that is terrible. Unfortunately there are still so many people that are disgusted by two men kissing but most of the comments on that page were very very pro Wilson and Days.

I don't understand how it works, as in who to contact. It seems anybody can get a video flagged if they find it offensive but YT can get it removed. I know that Anthony Langford also had the video up and his was flagged but he got it removed. I tweeted back to TV Guide. Maybe they can get it removed since it is their video.
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