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Love the Lucas/Sonny dialogue. Lucas is overprotective just like Kate. I like how he uses the pool analogy with Will to describe how cautious he is. Lucas knows how different Will is than he was at his age. Compared to how promiscuous Lucas was when he was a teenager, Will in contrast has had sex with only one person so far and he's what 19? That's a big deal in this society for any young person, gay or straight. Lucas knows that Will is a different kid than most and sex is not something he takes lightly (which is why when the Gabi secret comes out the shit will hit the fan, lol). I just love that Lucas is saying the same things Kate always said about him to his love interests, especially the "I'm not letting you or anyone come between me and my son." attitude. I much prefer meddling Lucas who won't let Will breathe which is a total reflection of Kate/Lucas than the alternative which would have probably been Lucas disowning Will and shunning him. This makes more sense to me because Lucas raised Will, loved him since his birth, loved him as his own even during the 2 years he didn't know he was his son. We saw it on our screens. Yeah I find this believable for those reasons.
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