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Sammie Jo
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Oct 27 2012, 03:38 AM
Oct 26 2012, 08:48 PM
Personally I do believe what she's saying. I have no doubt that certain people treated her like crap, I've never seen them really deny what she's said. I just hate the way this is all making her look. I love VR and I hate reading some of the stuff I'm seeing on twitter right now.

The one I was the most surprised about personally was HT. I always thought just about everyone liked her.
Somebody spit on her? I don't give a Damn what anybody thinks of her that there is something nobody should ever have to put with. Who did it? That is sick beyond belief.

Saw the video. I would have thought that was a part if the scene. I've seen that before.
it was part of the scene, she knew about it, much ado about nothing, just like the multi colored afro style (actually more Harpo marx style) wig that MTS wore joking around, VR took that as a personal affront.
Get over yourself girl, it's not always about you.
I wonder why other shows aren't clamoring for her?
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