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Okay, first off....I love Sonny now more than ever. I've always been kind of partial to Will...even acting like a brat and all. Sonny has always been kind of one-note to me although I've always liked him okay. But the way he handled himself with Lucas.... :thumbsup: I just fell in love with him. He's not going to put up with any of his crap. Loved all of the looks he was giving him too. And Lucas....I know he's being protective but Will is a grown ass man. Sure he's young, but he's of age and can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants. I'm wondering if he'd be throwing such a fit if he knew Will wasn't even a virgin anymore. Will HAS had sex....not with a guy, but still. And Lucas seems to think that Will is still confused...he said so to Sonny, and Sonny corrected him with "not anymore". So I'm thinking the whole Gabi being pregnant will unfortunately come into play, making Lucas think that Will is indeed still confused. I hate that they are making Lucas like this, but at the same time I'm hoping Will gets as much as a backbone as Sonny and tells his dad to lay off....just like Lucas used to tell his own mother.
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