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Queen B
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Oct 27 2012, 11:44 AM
Queen B
Oct 27 2012, 11:39 AM
VR has always been eccentric in her delivery and that makes some people like PB think they have the right to diss her. She is not crazy for being straight up and talking about what went on behind the scenes, if you wanna accuse her of having a big mouth then sure but I believe everything she says is true. There is lots of unfairness on Y&R and Michelle stafford is one of those women who kick and scream when they don't get the story they want.. Just look at how awful Sharon's character has been written, and now Christine is another one being written as this pathetic cold hearted bitch that no one in GC likes anymore. You go anywhere near the read headed whore and your suddenly the town pariah. MS obviously doesn't have VR to pick on anymore so she's going after other stars and their characters, she wants to be the star of the show and her fan base isn't big enough to play that kind of lead role
and you know this how?

sorry but MS is just an actor on the show, she has no more pull then any other actor on the show

Sharon is and always has been a slut, a liar and a thief and an adulteress, that has nothing to do with MS

Christine is one of the most hated characters in the shows history! who cares how a once in a 4 or 5 year character is writter! hopefully with the Bell's no longer in control we will soon see the last of Christine and LLB!

you give MS way to much credit! if MS has all this "power" why has her character been drugged through the mudd and shit since MAB took over?

can't wait to hear your answer for that!
If this is your view on Sharon and Christine then fine. What about Michael? Michael has been painted as the bad guy for even DARING to help Christine put Phyllis behind bars. Anyone who thought for a second that Phyllis deserved to pay for trying to kill 2 people got treated like the villains.

Lets look at the fact that MS has been able to work in the best looking sets, wear the best wardrobe pieces (that don't even look good on her btw) but please.. the Phyllis propping has been obvious for so long now. Meanwhile, Sharon is sitting in some grungy old ass set, wearing thrift store clothes and looking like a homeless person. VR is getting a lot of brunt from people for speaking up about the bullying that went on behind the scenes but it doesn't take a genius to see that she is right. VR got fired for speaking up about MS viciously SPITTING on her and making her feel completely unwelcome and her ass was fired.. on top of that, shes a black actress and its been obvious that Y&R doesn't do any favors to black actors on this show
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