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Bring back Jack!

^The only place I see most pro-Dannifer support is on the Days Facebook page. Every other board I visit they are mostly despised (yes they have a few fans on the boards but nothing overwhelming). I think the fact it's clear Jack (and Nicole's baby) was killed for these two idiots to get together is where most of the hatred comes from. But we all know that Days takes hate as an emotion and that means they're getting a reaction - hence the decision to push them forward. I would honestly like to know what their appeal is because even if I didn't hate them before the way others have been sacrificed to try and sell them as "true love" :rolleyes: makes them completely unrootable (and disgusting) to me. It's not like they're two new characters with no previous history..you can't erase a 20 yr love story anymore than you can pretend Daniel doesn't sleep with all his patients etc
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