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My view is that Tomlin likes Dannifer and that's all that matters to him. He came back bent on putting everything back to the way it was in the summer of 2011. He's determined to restore the show to basically the way he had it -- come hell or high water or Daysaster or whatever. There are some exceptions. For example, Kristen, John and Marlena were imposed on him by Sony. And PR bowed out pretty much because TomSell returned, so GT was forced to write some kind of exit story. Otherwise, he's writing for himself. As long as he likes it -- and as long as someone in the NBC executive offices approves of it -- he'll continue to write for Dannifer, and it really doesn't matter what the viewers think.

The negativity from viewers likely will get to the network folks before it ever fazes Tomlin. Our only hope is that they will start to overrule him once the ratings go low enough. Then again, that's what they did to MarDar last year and look what that got us. So, unfortunately, there isn't much hope as long as we've got cynical, uncaring executives and decision-makers in charge of this show.

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