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i am probably late on this :omg: :wow:
1. I am glad that days is treating this storyline fairly :cheer:
2. whats with Will face (basing from spoilers I think that happen after he find out that faghag is pregnant, cause the look say to me "i feel guilty, i have something to tell you but I cant becaue I dont want to lose you but please take me into your arms and make me forget everything' I think he is fallinf for Sonny took him long enough :wub:
3. I just love Sonny :wub:
4. that was so sweet.
5. that wasnt rush, took them long enough I would have boned Sonny the first time he smiles to me this is 2012 not 19 whatever
6.I hope there is more to it I expect a fullbed scene :sex4:
7. I hope they dont flashback to Gabi doing whatever cause I just dont want to think about it :puterpunch:
8. the boys still dont know how to kiss but ALAS
9 I love Sonny :iloveyou:
10. Thank you days for doing this, they are really going for it which have me shocked
O-O :o :thankyou:
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