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Queen B
Oct 27 2012, 11:39 AM
VR has always been eccentric in her delivery and that makes some people like PB think they have the right to diss her. She is not crazy for being straight up and talking about what went on behind the scenes, if you wanna accuse her of having a big mouth then sure but I believe everything she says is true. There is lots of unfairness on Y&R and Michelle stafford is one of those women who kick and scream when they don't get the story they want.. Just look at how awful Sharon's character has been written, and now Christine is another one being written as this pathetic cold hearted bitch that no one in GC likes anymore. You go anywhere near the read headed whore and your suddenly the town pariah. MS obviously doesn't have VR to pick on anymore so she's going after other stars and their characters, she wants to be the star of the show and her fan base isn't big enough to play that kind of lead role
No one has any idea what goes on behind the scenes unless you are a actor or cast and crew. VR always made a stink and it has been stated many times. She thought she was YnR. She wanted to write, direct, act. She soo wanted to be Ms. YnR. When the writers refused and told her they hired her to act then she got pissed and walked her contract not for the first time but the second time. Now she is not coming back because she burned her bridges and she thinks she is so hot that they will listen if she gets enough people to join in with her and write to YnR to bring her back. They don't want her also because of her craziness and all the things she has said about everyone on the show.
Sorry but I would rather take the word of some of the other actors that said she was crazy then the word of a woman I know is crazy. She has proved how crazy she is in public, on TV, talk shows and everyone knows she is crazy as a loon.
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