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The Royal Stoner

Oct 27 2012, 03:29 PM
I am only on episode 3.

So far, I like...Ana, Marysol, and Joanna.

I'm on the fence about Adriana and Lisa

I do not like Lea or Karent at all.

I like Alexia too, even though she isn't technically a housewife.

Do yourself a favor man and catch up because episodes 4-7 are the ones that realllly start building and you don't want to miss tomorrow. It's going to be the first EPIC edition of this show and certainly the first climax of the season.

I have a feeling once you watch those, you'll fall in love with Lisa like I have. I think she's my favorite.

Yeah, I know I'm DEFINITELY in the minority on Lea- everyone pretty much collectively hates her- but I adore her and she makes the show a lot of times for me. She certainly knows how to stir the drink, that's for sure.
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