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camera shy

Oct 28 2012, 10:13 AM
Oct 27 2012, 07:42 PM
This story is beyond dumb. First you have roughly 8 months of switch the paternity. Then 2 months of Nutty Jen vs Obsessive Nicole. Then within two weeks : "It's O.K. Baby's dead, Jen's sane. Dan's in the clear, Eric's coming back for Nicole. Rafe and E.J. go back to fighting over Sami. Everyone go on with your life - there's nothing to see here."
So what was the point of the story exactly?
Very good points. If the whole Jennifer as a jealous, obsessive bitch, Nicole as a delusional, manipulative schemer, Daniel as an ethics-impaired manwhore had led to a big story, culminating in a "She Said/She Said" trial that divided public opinion and had months of repercussions, there might have been some method to this madness. Instead, it's just petered out. Jen-Jen has gone in record time from screeching harpy to simpering damsel-in-distress who needs Big, Strong Daniel to save her lily-white ass by making this so-called "noble sacrifice" of relocating to Hawaii with Nicole (some sacrifice, moving to an island paradise with a hot blonde). Daniel is being hilariously portrayed as some knight in shining armor, and Nicole is being set up to be crapped on by the whole town, even though she had as much reason to go berserk and behave badly as St. Jennifer--and AZ has done a significantly better job of generating sympathy for Nicole the Bereaved Mother than MR has for Jennifer the Not-So-Griefstricken Widow.

The whole storyline has turned out to be pointless, and if this is the best DAYS has to offer for sweeps month, it's no wonder their ratings are in freefall.
I still can't believe the character of Daniel is front and center. They can't give a legendary character like Lucas who is loved by so many fans, a love interest and story, but they do Daniel, a character who's hated by so many because he's Tomlin's favorite. Tomlin doesn't seem to have a clue how to make a lot more of his audience happy. He could have given Nicole her baby, Nicole's fans would have been happy, they could give Lucas love story, Lucas's fans would have been happy, they could have kept Jack and given him a story with or without Jennifer, Jack's fans would have been happy. They could have still basically written all the lame ass stories we're seeing now and still made so many fans happy by just changing a few things, but they don't have the good comon sense to have done it.
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