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Oct 27 2012, 11:43 AM
Loving the dynamic between Will/Sonny and Nick/Gabi. I also was never a big Gabi fan but Nick has helped me enjoy her. I know there is going to be a baby story but I think it might actually be a really good story.

Will and Sonny sitting in those costumes talking about n sync wasn't even cheesy like I'd expect. it was hilarious. I couldn't keep a straight face watching them. Nice to see them messing around which led to things heading up vs. it being them planning a special event. I think Freddie and Chandler were very equal in this episode in portraying the romance. I think they have finally gotten together whatever has been missing since the first kiss. It could be the writing to blame or the directing but the passion has been lacking a tad. I guess they were just starting with baby steps. But seeing Friday and what happens on Monday the intensity and passion is more than alive now.

Nick and Gabi I love also. I guess Gabi just needed to find somebody that truly wants her. Will is gay. Chad was never into her. Nick really seems to like Gabi. They are cute together. Should be interesting to see if NIck was raped in prison or just saw things in prison between guys that now makes him uncomfortable around Will and Sonny.
Yes to everything except prison rape.
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