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Holy balls! So much happened I don't know where to begin.

Joanna vs Adriana- I don't like Karent but I don't think she'd be so dumb as to make botox comments when she performs it in her office(!). That would be biting the hand that's feeding her and she's all about good PR for her business so that quote does ring false to me. I think Karent is just green, socially and to this show, and the insecure women (Adriana and Marysol) are preying on that to a degree. The only ones I think that have valid reasons for their dislike of her are Ana and Alexia. I'd have slapped the bitch for bringing my son's name into any petty disagreement. So no Karent doesn't know how to behave but do I believe she was paraphrased and the article was skewed? Absolutely.

The look in Adriana's eyes after she slapped Joanna made it all very clear to me. There was this orgasmic rush of ecstacy that came over Adriana after she hit Joanna that just made me sick. Is Joanna a nutbull? Of course she it. But did I enjoy seeing her give it to Adriana? 100%. Neither came off looking great, but Adriana is completely delusional, as usual. I'm Team Joanna all the way. She puts it all out there man, and I love it. Talk about great for reality TV. Adriana, on the other hand, is a total famewhore and so obviously jealous of Joanna. Look at what she pulled at Mynt with Romain. Amateur hour.

The Elsa scene was fabulous, funny, sad, and tragic all at once. I think she really feels that way, that she has no future, friends, family, husband, etc... and it's sad. I just want to hug her.

Lisa has stepped up and emerged as the heroine of this show! The Bethenny, the Gretchen, the Dina, that role. She owned it last night and came off flawlessly. She has more than earned her spot this year and I have a feeling if the series is renewed, her lingerie event is going to be to this series what Posche is to Jersey. The genius of Miami is the producers don't have to do a damn thing because casting did it all for them.

I love Lea Black and I make no apologies for it. Loved her since day one. I know women like that, I get them, and adore them. She and I would probably hit it off if we ever met. Her closing summary of the episode was spot on- what you saw, my friends- that's Miami for you!

WWHL was shitballs too! These bitches hate each other and BravoAndy sees money in the bank. I think this 2 part episode, ratings or not, solidifies Miami's place as a franchise. The marathons, which they need to be doing on Thursdays, will start doing well because word of mouth is going to spread on this for sure.

I haven't been this addicted to a Houesewives franchise since I first discovered New York. This is seriously my crack and I can't wait til Thursday!
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