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Streetcorner Philosopher

Part of me is entertained by Miami with these last couple episodes.

Part of me is profoundly disappointed to have yet another show about ethnic women hitting each other. It's very VH1, and it makes me a bit...sad. And pissed at myself, 'cause I'll watch.

Joe Francis came off a little gay to me. Also, I don't see why anyone would align themselves with him.

Adriana is trash, imho. As soon as she gets pissed, her default is to start attacking Joanna's sex life? Whatever.

I think Joanna had a valid point about gossip writers and how truthful they are. I can't believe a reasonable person would really hold up a newspaper like it's reflective of reality, let alone get mad at what it says.

Also, what's with this "I brought her into our circle" talk? Are they a coven?

I have to stop watching this crap, I think. If BH is a screamfest, I think I will.
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