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I'm happy to see theirs some Lumi and Will in the promo at least the writers are consistant in giving us at least one Lumi and Lumily episode but it would be nice to see more then that and nice to see them on a day basis everyday instead of once a month but at least were getting them at least once in November and I'm hoping we get them more then that instead of this once of month thing with Lucas and Sami. So on that day I will watch whenever it is and will talk about what the day ahead has to offer and talk about that episode whenever it is on the day it airs.

So I'm happy to know theirs some Lumi and Lumily in their too look forward to during the month of November as well where their talking about Will and Sonny taking things too fast and Will not blaming his dad for being concerned about Will and Sonny taking things too fast and his concerns about this as a parent with Sami so I plan on watching that day whenever it is and talk about it as well. The Lucas,Sami,and Will scenes look good so I plan on catching that day and the other Lucas days as well.
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