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Love the WilSon scenes especially Sonny he was polite and stern and spoke his mind and I loved the looks he was throwing he was so sexy. Also Lucas seems to still think that Will is confused is he hoping Will is confused about being gay that is why he doesn't want them to get together. I liked the convo Lucas and Sonny had it seemed it needed to be said and glad that Sonny said it. But I am confused as to why Lucas thinks Sonny is using Will, and that he's a bad influence. Its Will and Sonny decision and Lucas needs to respect that, if they want to be together than they will be. Does it seem that they may be turning the Kate/Lucas/Sami dynamic into the Will/Sonny/Lucas dynamic. Will being Lucas/Sonny being Sami/Lucas being Kate now this could be interesting and from what I have seen Sonny can hold his own, just like Sami does.
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