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Oct 29 2012, 01:49 PM
Oct 29 2012, 01:22 PM
I watched it without sound. Is it as underwhelming with sound as it was without?

I like Marlena's scarves. All 15 of them.
I enjoyed Marlena confronting Kristen, and EJ pointing that he's the one who loves Sami for who she is. However, the rage at seeing the worst case scenario play out for Nicole is what stands out, especially when done by two harpies with hideous hairstyles and an escapee from a 70s porn flick. :puke:
Ej loves Sami for who she is? :huh: He didn't seem to love her too much when she kept his child a secret from him, shot him in the head, had secret hand signals with Johnny and tried to destroy Arianna's taped confession. I don't remember him cheering her on then. I do remember Rafe accepting all those stunts while continuing to love and support her. Rafe's been shown to not like Sami lying to him as it turns out any more than she likes him lying to her, but as far as loving a person for who they really are....I don't think I've seen Ej embracing all sides of Sami let alone being forgiving of her missteps against him. Not buying that statement at all.
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