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Jennifer lost her big old comfy Horton House bed for a night while having five minutes of people questioning her. Nicole lost a BABY just 2 weeks away from giving birth. So yea, it's total payoff to see Nicole thrown under the bus for what was certainly a hard time for Jennifer. I'm
Sooo thrilled Jennifer's name is cleared after months of her berating a pregnant woman. Its touching how nobody in town would consider Nicole's feelings of losing another baby, what that has done to her body, her mind, her spirit. The confusion it caused her...etc. Nicole did not take advantage of the fall....she was in a heated confrontation with a woman who seemingly enjoyed shooting verbal daggers towards a woman in a seriously high risk pregnancy. For the audience to be expected to root for Jennifer is sicker than the death of the baby itself. Might I add Daniel fucked Nicole when she was pregnant. Dr. Poison Penis Baby Stabber is sick and at this point, I feel him and Jenn are perfect for each other. And Melissa Reeves calls this the best job ever. Geez. Nicole has gone thru sexual abuse as a child, lost two babies....she's going to be out of her mind with devestation. Jennifer let that woman go to a stair case while verbally berating her and Nicole fell. Jennifer might not have pushed Nicole with her hands...but she pushed her verbally and there's not one fiber in my body that will EVER root for Jennifer ever again. Fuck this shit.
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