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I think almost everyone pissed me off in one way or another at this party.

Joanna, who I love on this show, needs to STFU about (terrorist organization) PETA and other people's furs. Who exactly does she think she is that no one dare wear fur in her presense? And since the animal in question has been dead for about 100 years by the sound of it, who cares?!

Adrianna is a joke in my opinion. What does she do exactly except run around at art shows pretending to be involved and acting full of herself as a result? I couldn't believe what I was seeing as she was whinning about scratches on her arms after she'd just punched someone in the face.

That damn Karent. There's just so much to even get into with her but she just has to be in the middle of every fight and every scene. Bringing Joanna to Joe rather than tell her privately, being right in there during the Elaine/Bo fight, THE RICE (:lol:), the Joanna/Adrianna fight. Alex/Simon x 1000.

Props to Lisa, she showed some substance that I didn't see before.

Oh Bo. I'm pretty sure Lea's not a Big Brother viewer and doesn't have a clue who you are.

Lea, meh. Hopefully her remark at the end about donating extra wasn't a joke. No doubt Lisa's on the hook for replacing the DJ equipment her idiot guest destroyed. If Romain can control himself with Joe Francis, how can her friend not keep himself in check with Bo from Big Brother?!
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