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Oct 29 2012, 08:40 PM
I will give TomLin the benefit of the doubt, that JnJ SL had potential for all of 5 mins this last go adn then was royally fucked up by MARDAR from the start. Tomlin she Jack as an obstacle on the show and thre was no way to spend oodles of time redeeming Jennifer and making it right between JnJ so they fired him and it MR left with the only other SL possible, Dannifer., were Tomlin were happy to pick up where they left off.

Unfortunately the of kind of SL that Jack demands is one that requires screen time, not a 3x per month appearance. I think that when the time is right and things are set in place.... MA will return.
With all due respect, why give Tomlin or T&W 2 the benefit of the doubt? They've done nothing to earn it! Yeah, MarDar fucked up J&J during their run as well. Once their awful triangle crashed and burned, they had nothing for Jack, Jennifer, or J&J--though they sure found plenty of stuff for Dr. Wipeout. New direction, new story, new love interest. But at least Jack was still alive on their watch, and Jennifer had become fractionally less bitchy and mean in the shows leading up to the DAYSaster.

Flash forward to T&W, Jack is suddenly and violently dead, and Jennifer is worse than ever: self-righteous, jealous, obsessed, and shallower than a sidewalk puddle. Any resemblance between her and a grief-stricken widow who just lost the love of her life is purely coincidental. It's pretty damn clear who the favored few are under this new regime. And it was never Jack, and I'm starting to suspect it's not Jennifer, either, because she's just awful right now. It's all about Daniel and Rafe for these hacks--they're the "heroes" every woman in Salem wants, at the expense of their integrity, sanity, and self-respect.

Will MA be back? It's possible. But I'd be shocked if it happened while T&W are in charge. And, actually, as much as I miss Jack and resent his absence from the show, I am almost relieved that he's not around to be victimized by T&W's poison pen. Because I just know they'd find ways to undermine him to prop Daniel and Dannifer still more. Look at the hatchet job they're doing on Lucas right now.

DAYS needs to get rid of T&W first. And then offer MA the moon to return (PR too). Because, after this latest go-round, who could blame him for saying thanks but no thanks? The guy got an Emmy nomination for his work, helped garner the show a Prism Award and a Best Writing Emmy, and it still wasn't enough to save his job. It really is them and not him that's the problem.

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