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Oct 29 2012, 10:57 PM
I think Lucas's reaction is highly realistic and believeable. Of course, it isn't everyone's reaction, but I think it's a bold character choice. And it's not like anyone on the show is saying he's correct. I hate it that some people want to get their bloomers in a bunch because they don't have the whole town gathering together to hang rainbow flags, march in a parade, and blow smoke up the homos' asses. IMO, the biggest strength of the soap opera genre is to take a storyline and examine in-depth from multiple points of view. I think the show is actually trying to do that and I applaud them for it.
Funny. I thought the same thing. To me, Sonny seemed the one out of line for talking to Lucas like he did. The problem with Lucas is that he doesn't seem old enough to be Will's father - he's not their friend or a contemporary. He's first and foremost Will's father and someone who grew up in an entirely different generation. I think it's understandable that Lucas could have issues with watching his son in a relationship with Sonny.

Of course, I'm expecting Rafe and Sami to have no issues with Will's relationship - and hence the continuation of them as the "good guys".
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