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Oct 30 2012, 07:33 AM
Uh, hell naw. They better step back and leave my girl alone. All these m`effers better take a step back before throwing rocks or their own glass house will shatter. To think that they have turned nicole`s grief about dannifer and every other sanctimonious salemite blows. That bitch jennifer ranks at the top of my hate list. She could tear a page out of nicole`s book and actually GRIEVE, you know that devastating heartwrenching feeling when you`ve lost a loved one. Of course she can`t understand nicole`s grief. She fuckin` threw her post-partum husband under the bus and hardly dropped a tear when he died. But then she spends weeks on end terrorizing/stalking/arguing with a high risk pregnant woman all for the love of daniel`s shriveled lower body parts. So jenn that makes u the effin` bitch. And dannyboy needs to be stripped of his medical license since he has practically sexed up every female patient he`s had. That washed out 1970`s rejected male ho and his washed out pollyanna princess need to fall over the nearest cliff. And Abby needs to think about her little austin/carrie escapades. Yes, she fuckin` lied too. Instead of fronting on nikki, she should be raking her mother over the coals for her lack of sensitivity for her dead father. And EJ`s rapsheet is extensive so he needs to keep his effin` mouth shut. Where was all these feelings and grief when the baby was ALIVE. And brady (sorry boo trying to make a point here, luv ya baby) but u did bury a woman alive.
As for nicole, she`s made more than her share of mistakes. And for each one the writers ensure that she`s villified/branded before everyone. If that`s the name of the game they need to do it to the rest of these `upstanding` salem citizens.
You don't have to be innocent to be outraged at someone using their dead child to hurt someone else. Every player in this story (except EJ, for once) behaved badly, but no one more than Nicole, who drew everyone (except Rafe) into this out of spite, then lied to them all. I'm not sympathetic to any of them, but if I were, I'd feel the least bad for Nicole.
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