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I don't really have a view about Nicole one way or the other, but I can understand why some are drawn to feel sympathy for her. She's one of the few characters on this show who are being made to pay a price for her misdeeds. Yes, she's said and done some despicable things to hurt and trick and mislead people. But she's paying, she's paying heavily, and it looks like she will continue to pay for some time. Too many others -- including those who are now raining blame and criticism down on her head -- have become exempt. They neither acknowledge their own misdeeds nor do they have anyone around them to point those misdeeds out to them in more than a token way. On the contrary, the people around them praise them to the skies, gloss over any mistakes, and shower them with sympathy.

It'll be interesting to see whether part of Eric the priest's arrival will have Nicole trying in any way to atone for her actions. That would be good, imo, because it can lead to redemption to her. That's hopeful. The rest of the gang on canvas don't have much hope because they -- and the show -- refuse to even acknowledge that redemption/atonement is necessary.

ETA: I know I'm using words like redemption and atonement, which have religious overtones. But I mean them in the larger, universal human context if that makes any sense.

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