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Oct 30 2012, 05:12 PM
She didn't expect to fall in love again this quickly..seriously she expects us to buy that killing Jack wasn't all set up for precisely that (and I'm sure she knows it). I guess they are trying to get through to us that Jack is really dead this time. And sorry but if she really believed he was still alive she wouldn't move ahead this quickly..umm he was alive last year when she hopped into bed with Daniel after 3 dates so that doesn't really mean much.

This is like all those interviews she did last year going on about Dannifer's great love..didn't buy it then & don't now. She really has lost touch with who her character is and how she's coming across to the viewers..and the character on screen has no similarities to Alice Horton.
MR continues to be clueless about her character, the so-called appeal of Dannifer, the inappropriateness of hooking up with any man this soon after the death of her longtime love/husband, and just about everything. I retch at the thought of sleazy, patient-groping Daniel being set up as the successor to Tom Horton. And this weak, fickle, shallow version of Jennifer is nothing like her formidable grandmother.

As for Jack, I notice MR didn't say Jennifer knows Jack is dead this time because she saw his remains in the morgue (not that that means anything after the Salem Stalker storyline in 2003). It's all "if she thought he was alive, she wouldn't be pursuing Daniel."

My take: Jack is actually alive, but it'll take another regime change to get him and MA back in the flesh.
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