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Oct 30 2012, 06:35 PM
The character of Jennifer, I think, has been trashed just like Chloe was on this show. Personally, I believe that they need to let the character of Jennifer go off for a while and then bring her back and hopefully then we'll all recognize her as Jennifer Rose Horton.
Personally (and I admit I'm biased) the only way I will ever regain any fondness for Jennifer is if Jack returns and she proves that she actually loves him. Even if she becomes the Mother Theresa of Salem I can't forgive her treatment of him from his return to her lack of any grief at his death.
As for MR, I have no idea how she personally feels. She probably isn't too fussed about who her character is paired with - a job is a job and she has to sell it. But even if it is just for the good of her public image she could perhaps take a leaf out of Kritian Alfonso's book when it comes to expressing disappointment when her on-screen partner leaves. I remember KA saying how sad it was and that she refuses to believe that PR is really gone. MR might get a bit of love from J & J fans if she expressed similar sentiments.
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