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The Room Stops
Oct 30 2012, 06:27 PM
Oct 30 2012, 05:03 PM
I couldn't even get through that interview ecspecially them discussing all that jenn had lost
Especially when she's saying "She's lost so much. Her grandmother died." Duh, HER HUSBAND/SOULMATE FUCKING DIED!

Ugh, awful interview. Stop pimping Dannifer to me.
Not to mention that Alice died two years ago, peacefully, of old age, surrounded by her loved ones come to say their final farewells.

Jack died barely two months ago, suddenly and violently, while saving his daughter from a falling elevator. No goodbyes, no parting embraces, just a snapping cable, a closing door, a one-sided "I love you," and a rapid descent to who knows where.

There's no comparison between the two deaths. And it's revolting that, given the circumstances of Jack's demise, Jen-Jen is ready to move on this soon, romantically. Forget about whether Jack is dead or "dead"--the shock of how he supposedly perished should give her pause, and warrant more than lip service and other characters telling us Jennifer is grieving, because we sure as hell aren't seeing it onscreen.
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