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She's lost Jack, and, as Melissa told us, "she knows the finality of that, that he's really never coming back this time .... I think if she even thought for a minute that he was alive she would not go forward as quickly as she is with Daniel."

Oh really? And how long did it take her to jump into bed with Daniel last year when her husband was alive but acting very out of character? A whopping 3 months?

Whether or not she will get the chance to go forward with Daniel, or whether he'll end up with Nicole, remains to be seen. But, much like her Grandmother Alice, Jennifer seems prone to fighting for love. And for everything else

There is so much wrong with this statement. Fighting for love? You mean like how she "fought" for Jack's love last year? Oh wait...she didn't. And please never mention Jennifer and Alice's names in the same sentence again. Alice ALWAYS stood by her husband, her love for Tom never wavered. Unlike Jennifer's fickle ass who couldn't be bothered to stand by husband when he was going through hell. And as for comparing Daniel to Tom, Tom didn't screw his patients. End of story.
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