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Oct 30 2012, 07:57 PM
Today wasn't a bad episode. I liked the whole thing besides the Dannifer scenes. God, I hate that couple. But I acutally liked Bo's exit lol don't kill me.
Agreed. KA and PR were genuinely choked up and emotional, and it showed. I thought their scenes were very moving and watchable.

EJ and Sami were romantic and sweet.

I am already in love with every scene Kristen is in and, honestly, I hate boring old Salem therapist, granny-sounding board Dr. Evans; I love that DH has something interesting to sink her teeth into, and she's bringing it.

AZ is so talented and fun to watch. It just kills me to see her mooning after this lame-ass doctor, and I'm so glad she's finally going to crash and burn next week so we can put this awful SL behind us and AZ can have a good, front-burner story. (So help me Days, if you screw up the pacing and writing of the coming Ericole story . . . :soapbox: ) Still, I enjoy her with anyone, and watched her today.

But, Dannifer? Come ON, Days. Enough already.
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