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I can't compete with that fanfic, but reading the interview with Melissa Reeves made me realize they have something potentially interesting with Jennifer.

You have this woman who's grasping at something she relates to as representing family- a doctor who works at the hospital, like her Grandfather- but in the process she's fallen into this relationship that's...a little dark. They may both be broken people, but it's not (imho) a redemptive love. It's more of a narcotic, something she escapes to because the real world is hard, something that draws out her worst qualities (jealousy, anger, hatred, and a willful ignorance in the sense that she's refusing to recognize that Dan made his own choices with respect to Nicole).

I think that'd be interesting to watch this character slowly realizing they've been chasing an ideal and not a person, and that they've lost themselves along the way. Maybe even fold in Alice as part of that, her trying to be that matriarch and failing miserably, since they're stating that the loss of Alice is a big part of what motivates her now.

So that's what I would explore. It'd be about her growth as she develops her own identity (for as long as she's been around, I feel like she's kind of hollow as a character in a way).

I think it'd be interesting to do that with a few characters, because there has to be some impact on them after all the Great Romances they've grown up watching and hearing about. All these ideals to live up to- what happens when they can't (since the writers can't, really).
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