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you guys are good at writing fanfiction I find it sad that fans have better concepts on characters than the actual writers do.If I was a writer the characters of Jennifer and SAmi need to be fixed.Sami needs to be alone for awhile this jumping from rafe to lucas to EJ back to rafe back to EJ is ridclous.Let the girl stand on her own.

I'd bring back SArah Horton if there going to make maggie a matriach then bring on her daughter and get rid of daniel maybe pair her up with EJ

I'd bring Carrie back and have Austin have died in some random accident with kate blaming carrie and vowing revenge

I'd bring Alex Kirikias back with maybe him being resentful of his younger brother who feels his parents loved sonny more than him because sonny was there bio child

I'd bring on a love interest for lucas

most important though is balance I'd write for everyone and no character should hog the screen five days a week
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