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ej was born after will and yet his older thar will now
susan when ej was baby offer to have playdate with will to lucas but now ej is the same age as lucas and try to get sami and have chlidren despite he should be younger than her son

at least with brady they might still mention that
They've already rewritten the Brady/Kristen history by making it like Kristen was around when Brady was a teenager. I'm not really sure why they took that route, while still acknowledging that Kristen was an adult when EJ was born, though. Since EJ, Sami and Brady seem to be about the same age, the new history for Kristen they're patchworking together from various stories makes it sound like she was around and in John's life for about 15+ years.
during mardr they had 2 versions of brady of his mom die when he was baby or the version she die when he old enough to remember her so they can change what they wrote now again

and with kristen they acknowlede it how long been that last she been on salem and and ej was baby and yet ej still consider to be on mid 30 not 16 years old
Of course they can change the history lol, which is why this convo is even happening. My point is that they've already chosen a direction and when we consider that they're trying to sell bristen, it's probably unlikely to change.

I agree w/the second paragraph - IDK if it was clear, but that's the same point I was making with my second paragraph - t hat they're picking and choosing different portions of the story and it doesn't make any sense. Unless Kristen came to town 30 years ago, the EJ saga happened, then she stuck around for 15 more years to witness teen Brady and young adult Sami, before leaving and coming back 15 years after that.
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