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Oct 31 2012, 03:37 PM
Oct 31 2012, 02:43 PM
Oct 31 2012, 01:41 PM
New headshots were posted on Matthew Ashford's Facebook page... ummm YOUR LOSS DAYS! Holy yum!

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WOWWW!! Very nice. How the hell do they think Dr Dan is a better catch than that??
I have always thought Matthew Ashford was way better looking than SC & that Jack Deveraux is a way better soap character than Dr Pervy.
Hell yes to both!! Matt is way better looking than Shawn and Jack Deveraux is the best character Days has ever had. The character of Daniel is shallow and disgusting. If writers would just try to understand Jack's character instead of putting him in Mr. Roger's sweaters and making him pathetically in love with Jennifer no matter what she does to him and how she treats him, they would realize they have a compelling character. It's like the writers (any writers) are intimidated by Jack's complex history and loyal fans. Matt's Jack Deveraux is very sexy (not your typical sexy but a unique sexy), intelligent and witty man but they put him in old fogey clothes and have him follow Jennifer around, hopelessly in love with her.

And, I'll never understand why TPTB do not want the MA fans as viewers.
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