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Oct 31 2012, 03:27 PM
^ And if she does eventually admit this well that will just make it so much better :sarcasm: That is actually worse to me because I find nothing self sacrificing in that..because it was HER choice to bully Jack into a reunion. Jack would never have wanted her that way..he would've rather lived his life without her than have her with him only through obligation. It's not like it effected her children if their parents were together - Abby is an adult and JJ doesn't even live with them (and if you ignore what is the obvious SORasing coming up they were apart as much as they were together during his lifetime). I just find that excuse bogus. As usual it's just all about her feelings and needs and that's part of what is wrong with this current version of Jennifer (aside from St Daniel she cares about nobody or nothing else).

Edit: Guess I type too slow this is in response to annie's post.
Oh if that happens Jennifer will look like a heartless cunt. After what happened with Jack & Kayla, if they dare go this route they can pretty much forget about ever redeeming Jennifer.
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