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Helpless Romantic
Oct 31 2012, 04:56 PM
Just read this: "Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) will be leaving the show this fall."
Not sure what to make of it but I saw it at the TVmegasite, you just have to scroll down to the bottom.
Helpless Romantic, you got me so excited. Very cruel. Unintentional, I know, but cruel. Oh well.

I hate Jennifer. I hate MR. And I hate TPTB. They have destroyed Jennifer so utterly that I no longer want to see a J&J reunion. Ever. I never want to see MR or Jennifer Horton again. Which is why I am so relieved I am no longer watching this show.

Sorry to hear this disgusting Dannifer propping is now destroying Nicole as well. I hope she gets out of the Dannifer hole of suck soon. What a waste of AZ!! She is 100x better as an actress than puking MR.

Hope Dannifer gets their happy ending and rides off into the sunset and away from this show. How much longer until T/W are fired? TIIC are idiots.
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