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Oct 31 2012, 07:50 AM
It was a mad house, hundreds of people were there screaming their lungs off for all three. Galen had them screaming the loudest and John for being a favourite. Ari was gorgeous. She even sang a song in Zulu and everybody joined in. That was wow. Drake talked about rugby which was cool and I love the sport. He mentioned a mil $ challenge happening in the US in November, he seems eager for the sport to grow in the US. Everyone loved it when he mentioned the Springboks playing in the tournament.

Galen was inaudible with all the women screaming every time he looked their way. Then when it was time to ask questions some lady asked about him and sami. He said she will have another baby which is odd since in SA everybody knows Sydney is Sami's so who was he talking about. He was probably joking but an odd thing to say since I am sure they were prepped about the current SA s/l. She asked about Safe and he said things are usually good then they deteriorate then they are good and deteriorate and so forth; saying Sami tends to be destructive of the two. That's when some lady stepped in and the only questions asked were on cue cards I am sure so they wouldn't spoil accidentally for both SA and US. He also joked about how he was almost mauled by a young lion, lol. I doubt he was serious.

Drake mentioned Kristen returning but folks were happier Jarlena was returning to their screens and he looks younger IRL. He was such a hugger, so friendly and charming. He supposed streaked for some lady who ended up in his suite by accident and Galen caught him out again, the whole thing was apparently hilarious.

Ari didn't answer any questions but was complimented for being beautiful and she blushed on always kissing all these gorgeous men all the time. She signed an autograph for me and joked about doing a crossover with SA soap Isidingo: The need. They took more pics with adoring fans and then time was up, flying to Cape Town.
Thank you so much for posting your experience seeing and meeting Ari, Galen, and Drake. They all seem to be having a great time in South Africa. SA has certainly given them a warm and enthusiastic welcome.
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