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Oct 31 2012, 04:30 PM
Oct 31 2012, 03:16 PM
Oct 31 2012, 02:24 PM
Were Jack and Jennifer actually married when he died? There are problems with this story, but with Jennifer and Dan's relationship last year, and her seeming like she was going through the motions with Jack to some extent, it's sort of believable that she would turn back to Dan to me. I think Jennifer's anger may be coming from pressure to feel things that she doesn't. Girlfriend is definitely a mess, though. Why Marlena is seeing a psychiatrist and she is not...
Re: bolded... It does seem that way, and it did cross my mind to wonder whether the writers were setting it up this way.

For example, they were very careful to not have Jennifer talk with any real feeling about how much she loved Jack. She talks more about how much Abby and JJ loved him. Or she'll toss off a "of course, I loved him" line when pressed in conversation. But it's all been downplayed.

More than once, I thought the writers who killed Jack off were carefully orchestrating it in such a way that they can have Jennifer confess later that she never really got over Daniel and that her decision to reunite with Jack was more about obligation than about love. Usually, I'd say these writers aren't capable of carefully orchestrating anything. But when it comes to their favorites i.e., Daniel and Dannifer, who knows?

If they did this I would be really upset. They tried to make Dan Jen's choice last year and viewers got so upset that they had to rewrite the story. If Tomlin is so arrogant that he writes it that Jen was actually always in love with Dan and not Jack then I will be really pissed. Killing Jack was bad enough, but I don't want to think that one of soap's greatest love stories ended with Jen admitting she only reunited with him out of pity. I'm sorry but the good doctor's magic penis really can't be that amazing!
Unfortunately, I think Tomlin really is that arrogant.

Back in early 2011, when he was in charge (EP) and they first put Jennifer and Daniel together, there wasn't that much backlash. JnJ fans did not come out in force to express their outrage. Meanwhile, Dannifer started to pick up fans. So, from his perspective, Dannifer was pretty popular in summer 2011 when he was fired. The way he likely sees it is that the real backlash came when (a) Jack came back and (b) MarDar screwed everything up. He probably thinks he is such a great writer that he can fix it all by killing off Jack and reverting back to the same kinds of "cute" scenes and manufactured angst he was overseing a year ago.

He is probably betting on the likelihood that the JnJ/Jack/MA fans will fade away (or be converted) and the Dannifer fans will grow and thrive in great numbers due to his brilliant storytelling.

Either that, or he's just writing to please himself and he really doesn't give a thought one way or the other to what viewers think.

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