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camera shy

Nov 1 2012, 08:42 AM
camera shy
Nov 1 2012, 08:37 AM
Nov 1 2012, 08:17 AM
Nov 1 2012, 04:20 AM

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TPTB can't write a modern J&J story. Look at what they did to the original J&J!

J&J took years. And a lot of it was based on the slow redemption of Jack Devereaux. The rape wasn't just brushed under the rug, like all the many current crimes in Salem now. Except the rape of Jennifer that was conveniently forgotten after the overly hokey J&J rodeo wedding. That's when I stopped watching as a little girl. Even as a youth, I recognized that J&J didn't feel right anymore. They went from being a unique complicated couple with witty banter and delicious angst - to slapstick or something generic. I didnt know about regime changes then, but something felt wrong, the sparkle left, and I stopped watching. The building of a super couple takes time, character cohesiveness, and respect to history and consequences that this regime lacks.

A couple decades later, I tuned back in and got sucked into ejami vs ejole1. I loved the fake marriage between Ejami and the jealousy/rivalry between Sami and Nicole. I hadn't watched the original Ejami or their car rape scene. I just knew that Sami protested too much and Ejami were hot. :P And I knew that EJ and Nicole had heat as well. I didn't like that Nicole played such a doormat to EJ or that she had sex with him after he called her by another name. But the chemistry between the actors was still riveting to watch. And I liked the real friendship they seemed to be building.

But now, after all the trashing both couples have gotten. I've lost interest in both Ejami and Ejole. They've just done too many disgusting things to one another. I may be able to get behind Ejole again, because I think their sins against one another are slightly less disgusting than what Ejami have done to one another. And because Nicole has had such a horribly abusive childhood and past, I can try to make myself justify why/how she could still love a man who constantly cheats on her and takes her for granted. But the saddest thing is that I can't really root for EJ getting anyone anymore. The actor is still hot and charismatic, but I can't wish him on any woman. All the terrible writing and clumsy regime changes have destroyed him as a romantic lead for me. And I don't think this regime can redeem him.

Why should I tune into a show when all the couples disgust me? When there is nobody I can really root for? The couples/characters that aren't disgusting still aren't fleshed out enough to be remotely interesting. I hope to tune back in one day after T/W are fired, MR is off contract, and hopefully Nicole/Eric haven't been so trashed that they have hope of building a really compelling love story. I never watched the original Nicole/Eric, but I've read AZ thinks Eric was Nicole's true love - so I hope TPTB don't fuck it up. GV isn't as good of an actor as AZ, but he's pretty and better than most of the other current leading men. And AZ can create chemistry with a lamp post - so here's to hoping. IMHO they are the only hope I have left for this show.
I barely watched during the Nicole and Eric days, but I do know that Nicole sold Eric out for five million when offered by Kate to marry Lucas so I don't know if he was her true love and I understand by a friend that when Eric left town he was in love with a woman name Greta. So I hope they don't just sweep that under the rug and act like Nicole and Eric were lover torn apart due to circimstances out of their control. And I just can't see Nicole finding happiness with Sami's twin. The Bradys would never welcome her into the family just like they would never welcome EJ. Although it would be interesting seeing Nicole and EJ share Thanksgiving together coutesy of invitations by Eric and Sami. Hey, this might turn out to be an Ejole story.
what happened to the five million dollars anyways
I guess Nicole must have spent it. No matter how much money comes into Nicole's possession they like her being broke. What happened to the money she earned from EJ working for him last fall? What happened to all the jewelery he gave her? She could have sold it and made a pretty penny, but they had her living in a hotel room that wasn't even a suite. They always portray her as broke when she certainly shouldn't be. We sure haven't seen her blow the money on screen.
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