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I stopped posting on another soap board - the moralists who were shocked just shocked at Wilson kissing, were always the first ones to suggest Sami beat down Will for his insolence - bragging that that's how they'd handle their own kids. Ah, gotta love moralists. I couldn't handle that board and am I happy to post here.

I've always thought it odd that Days is considered a "conservative" soap - what with all the rape, adultery, murder, drugs, sex, baby switches, prostitution and especially JER's using religion for camp value - and the thing that gets everyone's knickers in a twist is two sweet boys falling in love.

Although, I do think it's fine that some people aren't warm to Wilson purely because the pacing was so weird, with stops and starts and Freddie's long absence from the screen. But these scenes look lovely, and perhaps they might even change one or two minds.
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