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Nov 1 2012, 09:59 AM
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I barely watched during the Nicole and Eric days, but I do know that Nicole sold Eric out for five million when offered by Kate to marry Lucas so I don't know if he was her true love and I understand by a friend that when Eric left town he was in love with a woman name Greta. So I hope they don't just sweep that under the rug and act like Nicole and Eric were lover torn apart due to circimstances out of their control. And I just can't see Nicole finding happiness with Sami's twin. The Bradys would never welcome her into the family just like they would never welcome EJ. Although it would be interesting seeing Nicole and EJ share Thanksgiving together coutesy of invitations by Eric and Sami. Hey, this might turn out to be an Ejole story.
My biggest problem with Day's (and believe me there are quite a few) but it's that they tell us who to root for and put together. For instance Nicole and Eric, yes back in the day Jensen Ackles had great chemistry with Ari and she's a great actress BUT some actors just don't mesh. I find Nicole with Rafe is horrible even as friends I can't buy into it. So my point is just because you have two good actors if they have no chemistry they're not gonna be a fan favorite. The writing should be good BUT the actor chemistry is what the viewers see. Alot of people are talking about EJ and Abby, why because in a few breif scenes they saw something. The writers didn't and may never so we're left with oh well another missed opp.

But like the new Eric and Nicole they think they can strike a great pairing with these two on their back history that doesn't sell me on the couple, I want to see it not be told to like it. EM - Brady has had that fate of them telling us about the shared chemistry with how many now and none have stuck, honestly I've only seen chemistry with him and AZ, but they haven't touched that truly. His other pairing Arianna had great chemistry with EJ but instead they just shoved her between the sheets with Brady for sex sex sex, didn't make the cuple rootable. Same with Madison it was all about sex sex sex, so they killed her off. Brady also had great chemistry with Melanie but some didn't like that pairing for either the reason of age or that they didn't like Melanie.

I just want a couple I see chemistry with and right now they don't have one on the block that I feel I can root for, closest they have is probably Kate and Stefano, don't know why but those two where fun to watch. I did think they made Kate a little too watered down, she needed to keep her fiesty side and have Stefano keep getting her out of trouble.

The only woman Brady has ever had true chemistry with is Chloe. They were never an insta-romance and were never about sex. Sadly after Higley took over both characters and the pairing itself was trashed in every way possible. Now Chloe is once again doomed to be wasted with Dr. Dick while Brady is paired with a woman who once changed his diapers. :frustration:
Yes I did see chemistry with EM and NB but only in their last scenes, TPTB made sure to keep them apart on screen because of their agenda not being BROE. I was never a Broe fan but I did feel like when EM returned they should have given the couple some sort of closure and they didn't. I wouldn't mind that for Brady this time around but instead again they won't share scenes and they'll keep them apart like two people who don't know each other so they can push Kristen/Brady Jarlena storyline. I feel sorry for Kristen because they again are putting her right back where she was, I'd rather see Nicole step in to get Brady out of Kristen's clutches, those two actresses could do a great square off. While I'd love Broe revisited just out of curiousity I think I heard that NB is only back temporarily, so that means more trashing of Chloe to benefit Dannifer. :x If NB where to stay I'd much prefer her the hell away from Dr Douche and Bitchifer, and yes revisit Broe could be good.
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