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I doubt at this point tptb have given any thought to the pairing of Abby and EJ, but if the fans of this potential couple keep talking it up they may take notice of it and dare to go there. Case in point Will. I don't recall any hints of Will being gay until some of his fans wanted that for him. I remember him being attracted to Mia and Gabi and I remember him being very impressed that Lucas had married Chloe and looking at her like any straight guy would. And I do think Will's fans wanting him to be gay played a big part in tptb making him gay. And why can't they give EJ and Abby a turn? It's not written in stone that he can only be with Sami or Nicole and Taylor wouldn't have happened. Lets see something we haven't seen before with this character. I know before he even opens his mouth the crap he's going to spill to Sami about what a wonderful mother and person she is. Let's move on before JS does.
They'll never give EJ anyone to truly fall for chemistry or not as long as Sami is still in his orbit, the character is doomed to never be happy while Sami is in town and still bouncing from man to man to man to man.
seems like no man can move on from sami which sucks
Yeah it's Sami and her merry men who chase her golden twat. :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:
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