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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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Did anyone see the gangnam dancing clip? I think Rafe and Abby should be the new couple. They would be so hot! And you know, as soon as EJ shares a bonding moment with Abigail, Rafe is sure to be attracted to her. Who's starting the board?
There is nothing in the gangnam dancing clip to convince me that Rafe should be hooked up with anyone let alone Abby.

Let Daniel and Rafe squabble over Jen Jen.
Interesting, there was nothing in the "Abby/EJ bonding" to convince me that there will be a coupling either, especially considering that the last times I saw that word attached to two people, it turned out to be lame (Brady/Jen) or using someone's emotions to get info (EJ/Nicole). However, that's just me. I get that some people may see something in that spoiler even though I may not. We all see potential in different places. ;)
I doubt at this point tptb have given any thought to the pairing of Abby and EJ, but if the fans of this potential couple keep talking it up they may take notice of it and dare to go there. Case in point Will. I don't recall any hints of Will being gay until some of his fans wanted that for him. I remember him being attracted to Mia and Gabi and I remember him being very impressed that Lucas had married Chloe and looking at her like any straight guy would. And I do think Will's fans wanting him to be gay played a big part in tptb making him gay. And why can't they give EJ and Abby a turn? It's not written in stone that he can only be with Sami or Nicole and Taylor wouldn't have happened. Lets see something we haven't seen before with this character. I know before he even opens his mouth the crap he's going to spill to Sami about what a wonderful mother and person she is. Let's move on before JS does.
I think TPTB were intent on developing a 'gay story' - and Will made sense from a drama standpoint due to his ties to so many core families/characters on the canvas. I don't recall a lot of discussion about fans wanting Will to be gay until it was announced they would be doing a gay story.

As for fans generating enough buzz for couples to be given a chance - that's a very rare thing these days. Primarily because the shooting schedule is so far removed from what's actually airing that any sort of chance for natural chemistry to be noticed and take off is gone. Fan opinion seems to matter very little to TPTB - the present day shooting schedule dictates that everything we see is a result of what the producers/writers/creative team want to show us.
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