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Oct 31 2012, 10:23 PM
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Oct 31 2012, 03:30 PM
Oct 31 2012, 11:47 AM
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Oct 30 2012, 03:56 PM
Jennifer really seems to think she had no invlovment with Nicole's baby's death. After the truth is revealed I wish EJ would ask if constantly arguing with the mother and threatening her could that have put too much stress on the baby and in return caused him to be stillborn? And Daniel finally saying, "Yes" And then cut to Jennifer with guilt written all over her face. That's what called a twist which sadly Days doesn't know how to do.
I think Jennifer thinks she didn't have involvement in the baby's death because that's the truth. NICOLE is the one that decided to move into Jen's home to cause issues between Jen/Daniel. NICOLE is the one that decided to keep EJ from his baby. NICOLE is the one that drove an elaborate cover-up of the paternity switch. Now, I doubt that stress really was the cause of the baby's death, but if it was, then it was NICOLE that kept creating/driving stressful situations. And I say this as somebody who likes Nicole most of the time and is currently pissed at Jen because of her lack of grieving over Jack.
And what if Jennifer hadn't stuck her nose in Nicole's business? Would there have been any confrontation between them at all? Nicole wouldn't have been on those steps with her if Jennifer had minded her own business. And Nicole didn't keep EJ's baby away from him because to do that the child would have had to been born.
If Jennifer hadn't been born, she wouldn't have be there to have confrontation. This is clearly Laura's fault
I get the humor, and the point is well taken (at least by me). But I do wonder...

Here's the thing. I believe that Tomlin was going to kill off Jack and have Nicole lose her baby regardless. These were MarDar creations/decisions that he came in wanting to undo. He also came in bent on putting Dannifer back together... regardless. But if MarDar had not ended the Jack/Jennifer/Daniel triangle so abruptly and then moved Daniel sort of randomly and suddenly into Nicole's orbit... then putting Dannifer back together would have taken a different route. Up to that point, Nicole had been having scenes with Rafe. Daniel's insertion into the story just came out of nowhere.

Anyway, my point is that Tomlin would have had to work a little harder to come up with some Dannifer angst that would put them back together if MarDar hadn't handed them the setup of Daniel and Nicole. Nicole started out as merely using Daniel -- sleeping with him to keep him wrapped around her finger. Tomlin flipped it, turned her into a pathetic loser who was obsessed with the perfect doctor. And he made Jennifer similarly obsessed with said doctor.

So, in sum, I blame Tomlin/TomSell for the deaths of Jack and Nicole's baby -- and the continued destruction of two strong female characters. But I think I have to blame MarDar for setting up the circumstances that led to Jennifer and Nicole's confrontation on the bridge.

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