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That is fine, as it is human and honest (many of the qualities I like about Lucas). But if this continues for very long, and Lucas is painted as the only unenlightened one amongst a sea of open-minded modernists, or if he continues to be the object of derision from his son and any other number of people, well, I am not having that. And if this is the beginnings of a Lucas-as-Kate meddling "I do this because I love you" arc, then i am definitely done. It doesn't make sense for Lucas to go down that road. To have an inclination to do so - maybe; the impulse to do so - maybe; to begin to do that - maybe. But if this continues, while it does give BD a storyline, it ignores a lot of history and common sense too. And, omg, if I have to see any more of a denigration of the Lumi family unit, it would just make me too sad. It's one of the only things I hold dear about the show. To see it tested, challenged, see it grow and take on profound depths or new complexions - yes, that I can be ok with. To be completely eviscerated? No thanks. That doesn't equal compelling or sensical drama in my book.

I am also a mega-fun of course, so to see Will majorly resent Lucas and there be some odd feud between Sonny and Lucas - it would break my heart I guess. What's left of it.
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