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NE Spoilers for the week of 11/12th

Nick and Phyllis have their day in court

Michael and Lauren question Fen about his relationship with Summer

Good news reunites Paul and Christine

Will Chelsea figure out the lengths Adam goes to protect Sharon

Nick confronts Billy about Victoria's kidnapping

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Teasers wk of 11/12

Monday 11/2: Noah sees a familiar face

Tuesday 11/13: Nikki makes a confession

Wed. 11/14: Michael and Lauren question Fenmore about his relationship with Summer

Thurs:11/15: Nick confronts Billy about Victoria's kidnapping

Fri:11/16: Good news unites Paul and Christine


Daily Spoilers wk of 11/12

11/12, Adam seeks Chelsea's forgiveness; Ronan and Phyllis have an unpleasant evening.

11/13, Nick and Phyllis go to court; Jill reunites with Lily and Cane.

11/14, Lauren and Michael do not approve of Fen and Summer's relationship; Jack struggles with addiction.

11/15, Victoria realizes that Billy's past has put her in danger; Tucker and Jill are surprised by Katherine's reaction.

11/16, Christine and Paul celebrate fortunate news; Noah is confused by an unexpected delivery.

TV Guide Previews

11/12, Adam tries to win Chelsea's forgiveness, while Phyllis and Ronan endure an unpleasant evening.

11/13, Phyllis and Nick have their day in court, while Jill enjoys a reunion with Cane and Lily.

11/14, Michael and Lauren disapprove of Fen's relationship with Summer, while Jack battles his growing addiction.

11/15, Victoria learns that Billy's past has put her in peril, while Katherine's reaction surprises Jill and Tucker.

11/16, Paul and Christine celebrate good news, while an unexpected delivery perplexes Noah.

Y&R -- Nick and Phyllis have their day in court. After Phyllis and Ronan's first date turns into an ugly confrontation, Phyllis orders Ronan to leave, then calls Nick. Phyllis attempts to convince Nick to postpone their divorce hearing, but Nick refuses. Later, Phyllis asks Avery to go with her to the divorce hearing, but Avery explains that, since she HAS been seeing Nick, Avery believes that it would create an unnecessarily awkward situation if Avery tagged along to the divorce hearing. Later, during the divorce hearing, Phyllis is stunned by Nick's cold refusal to make any effort to keep their relationship cordial. Later, Phyllis becomes determined to get even with Nick - AND with Avery! Avery decides that it might be possible for Avery to develop a long-term relationship with Nick. Michael and Lauren question Fen about his relationship with Summer. Good news reunites Paul and Christine. Sharon slips away from the cottage and indulges in an unexpected meeting with Noah. Noah begs Sharon to let her family help her, but Sharon refuses. Later, when Noah believes that Nick suspects that something is up, Noah distracts Nick by beginning a discussion about Noah's failed relationship with ADRIANA, a girl whom Noah met in New York. When Chelsea figures out that Sharon must have been the one responsible for the fire at the Newman Ranch, Chelsea confronts Adam with her suspicions. Adam admits that Chelsea is correct, but assures Chelsea that there is no way that anyone will be able to tie the fire to Sharon. Later, after Adam hits the sheets with Chelsea, Adam spots a news article about the fire at Glow Worm. Leaving the house while Chelsea is still asleep, Adam arranges to meet at Jimmy's Bar with the arsonist whom Adam hired to pretend to be a firebug - and demands to know if the arsonist also torched Glow Worm. Adam's arsonist evades answers. However, shortly after the arsonist leaves his meeting with Adam, Adam spots Ronan at Jimmy's Bar. When Ronan quizzes Adam about Adam's late night activities, Adam claims that he was involved in trying to arrange for a high stakes poker game - and avoids the rest of Ronan's questions. Later, when Chelsea quizzes Adam about the fire at Glow Worm, Adam brushes aside her questions by observing that it must be a copycat but, at any rate, Sharon is safe from accusations about the fire at the Newman Ranch. When Chelsea continues to question Adam about his plan to protect Sharon, Adam claims that he has bribed a number of people, who will be willing to testify that Sharon was some place else, other than in Genoa City, on the night when the Newman Ranch burned. However, Chelsea remains suspicious, and decides to do some sleuthing of her own. Nick confronts Billy about Victoria's kidnapping.

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